I found a PAF in a 1964 ES-335

Vintage guitar enthusiasts and collectors are always on the hunt for hidden gems, and I recently found one myself. While browsing for a new addition to my collection, I came across a 1964 Gibson ES-335 stop tail that has a nice surprise feature. Instead of the typical 2x pat number pickups, this model has a PAF pickup in the neck position and a pat number in the bridge. Kind of rare for a 1964 model.

Next step was checking if this was factory made...  This discovery was even more exciting because the pots were dated to week 40 of 1964, and the wiring was completely original and untouched. While I know that the pickups are the same aside from the sticker, seeing the original PAF sticker is always a nice treat.

The ES-335 is already an incredible guitar, but finding a unique and rare feature like this only adds to its value and appeal. It's moments like these that make collecting vintage instruments so thrilling, and I can't wait to see what other treasures I'll come across in the future.